Extract text shortcut not working

Hi all,
I have a shortcut that I use to export the annotations summary from Bookends (a brilliant academic bibliography software) into Drafts. I swear it was working without any issues, but now it ends up opening Drafts with nothing there. Any ideas?

It is hard to tell from the screenshot alone if and how the parameters in the actions are working. I’m also not clear on the clipboard use.

Maybe this is what you are after?


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Thanks - yes, it looks like the parameters were greyed out. Appreciate the help!

Sorry for resurrecting this old post, but this is just to great not to comment on. The only issue I’m having is that this works great on my iPhone but for some reason I only get the reference when I do it on my iPad. Any ideas what might be causing this? I downloaded the shortcuts directly from the link provided by @sylumer .

#on iPad I get

Rosser, J. C., Lynch, P. J., Cuddihy, L., Gentile, D. A., Klonsky, J., & Merrell, R. (2007). The impact of video games on training surgeons in the 21st century. Archives of Surgery, 142(2), 181–186.

#on iPhone I get

Archives of Surgery, 2007 vol. 142(2) pp. 181-186

The impact of video games on training surgeons in the 21st century

Rosser, James C; Lynch, Paul J; Cuddihy, Laurie; Gentile, Douglas A; Klonsky, Jonathan; Merrell, Ronald

… Fery YAPonserre S Enhancing the control of force in putting by video game training … AccessedNovember 14, 2006. 21. Rosser JCRosser LESavalgi RS Objective evaluation of alaparoscopic surgical skill program for residents and senior surgeons …

Notes: Times cited: 775

Very interesting point. I like how it works.

@aroddick , do you have any other tips/automations for bookends? I’m new to the app and love it so far.

That shortcut is only dealing with input shared from Bookends, so the content provided by Bookends must be differing.

I would assume that the export (or perhaps display if export uses them) settings vary between your two app instances.

The user guide I found online was unhelpful in clarifying this and I don’t have the app, but it would seem to be a likely reason. You can of course add a quick look step to the Shortcut to confirm the input being shared via Bookends.

Hope that helps.


You were right. In settings I changed export format to “formatted display” and it’s working on my iPad now. Thanks for suggesting that!!