External drive Superduper and unmount on schedule


I have a laptop at work, and sometimes I have an external drive (usb-c) plugged in. Is there a way to schedule something like this (cron job, automator, hazel(?), some other tool)

  • At some point during a weekday, check if drive is connected . (If no, do nothing)
  • Run Superduper (disk cloning tool)
  • Either when that is finished, other some hours later , unmount drive and give a notification that it can be removed

Command line is fine , but I don’t know the exact steps.

Does Superduper not have a scheduling feature built in? I use Carbon Copy Cloner personally but it can auto run when the drive is connected - and I believe disconnect it once the backup is complete.

I see it now, “On completion - Eject volume” as well as options for scheduling.

Sloppy research on my part…
Danke, Rosemary !

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It’s easy to miss it if you don’t google for exactly the right thing or even know that’s an option!

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