Exporting Tags across tools and platforms

Hi, am wanting to embark on a rationalisation of the tags I use across iOS, Mac, Drafts, Shortcuts / Launchcuts, Omnifocus and others. Am wondering if anyone knows a way to export all the tags that there are in each of these tools so that I can consolidate and then update to be consistent across apps / platforms. I know I can do it manually but am wondering if folks have some ideas to take some of the pain away or any other suggestions about how to be better at using tags. Thanks loads for any bright ideas.

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iOS and Mac, assuming you mean file tags, share those and you can manage/list them in Finder (see remove tags).

Drafts you can use some scripting. Here’s a link to a drafts action for listing tags I created last year). It just dumped them out into a new draft for you.

Shortcuts doesn’t use real tags, but LaunchCuts does. The only reason I’m aware of to add such tags into a shortcut is to use it in LaunchCuts. I’m going to guess that you have a manageable number of smart folders based on tags in LaunchCuts that it would be quicker to look at your settings in each and compile a list rather than write a shortcut to parse them all out as LaunchCuts is doing; though if you did have a lot, maybe start with modifying the LaunchCuts helper. After all that’s what’s getting the shortcut data for LaunchCuts.

OmniFocus automation is officially out, and I’m sure you can do it with that or JavaScript. I’m just busy on a couple of other projects so while I have had access to it for a while, I’ve barely scratched anything around OmniFocus automation yet, but there would be a way.

As for the “and others” , that’s impossible to suggest anything for. As you can see from the above, the data you have listed to this point is spread across a number of repositories and the tag data is held in different ways in each case.

In terms of rationalising your tags:

  1. Ensure that you have your methodology worked out and you have a good naming convention so you don’t end up with “tags”, “Tags” and “TAGS”.
  2. Eliminate duplicate in your planning by sorting and deduplicating your list.
  3. A lot of solutions these days allow you to search for content almost as quickly as tags. Focus on the tags being categorisations and terms that may not be found in your content, but that you want to associate together.
  4. Keep in mind rationalising them across systems will be a mental rationalisation only as the systems you list do not share the same way of storing tags, so global searches and filters are not relevant to this scenario.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks loads - some really great ideas - thank you!