Export of HealthKit data failing in iOS 13

Because the native export of HealthKit data always crashes on my iPhone, I was using a shortcut to export HealthKit data instead. I’m not sure which one, but it might be one from Federico Viticci from MacStories. This worked fine on iOS 12, but after upgrading to iOS 13 this shortcut is crashing as well… :cry:

How’s this for other people? Any alternatives?

How and what data are you trying to export? I’m not a MacStories subscriber (yet) so I can’t see the original Shortcut. Right now I’m grabbing data from HealthKit, dumping it into a text and sending to a trainer. It’s very helpful.

I’ve been using the Quantified Self QS Access app recently. It gives the data to you as a CSV and lets you save it wherever you like.

Two things to note: since iOS 13, exporting Heart Rate data is broken and causes the app to crash. So long as I turn off that data element, it seems to work just fine for me. Also, the app exports all of your HealthKit data every single time. There’s no way to date-restrict the export.

I use another app called Workout - CSV Exporter to get workout-specific data.

I take the data from these apps and copy them into a Google Sheet that I have set up as a dashboard to help me analyze and interpret the data. I find that doing this once a week helps me keep on track with my goals and decide whether I need to make adjustments to the things I’m doing.

Direct export from Health app works fine here (iPhone X with iOS 13.1.2). It take a while, but i the end i can share/save the zip-file. And also i use QS Access.