Email to Calendar Event

Hi All

Question for my father…

He uses Outlook on his windows machine (been trying for years to get that sorted!).

One of the things that he uses regularly when he gets an email in is to then drag that to the calendar in outlook where it creates an event and most importantly saves the email content as an attachment.

He’s finally looking to ditch his windows system, update his iPad to the new model and work pretty much exclusively from it.

However the outlook app as far a I can see doesn’t offer this functionality on iOS.

Is there a way to build it using automation or if not then could anyone recommend a program that will allow it.

He is not bothered about using outlook, happy to consider alternatives.

Any help appreciated.


Is it important to have the original mail as an attachment, or would a hyperlink to the mail in an e-mail app suffice? If an attachment, is it just the mail body or are other elements such as time received, subject line, semder, etc. important to capture as well?

Body of the email is the only important bit too be kept.

I would think a hyperlink would probably work for him, will check. I personally had issues using hyperlinks before when email was subsequently deleted but that was a few years back.