Drop Calendar entry into Pages?

Can I add a Calendar entry into a Numbers spreadsheet using just Workflow?

Original post:-

Well, thanks to @MacSparky @RosemaryOrchard and their amazing new podcast I have finally cracked Workflow, I fully understand all of the Apps features and after a bit of tinkering got my head around a few bits that threw me and built my first (non iTunes) workflow.

My wife has returned to work (flexi-time) after being a stay at home Mum for many years, and has a few health/medication issues that often lead to forgetfulness. So when she accepts a shift over the phone she presses TWO BUTTONS on her iPhone to do the following:-

Enter her shift date/time/location into her work calendar so she no issues remembering when her next shift is.
Send me a text message so that she doesn’t have to remember to tell me she has accepted a shift.
Sets ME a reminder to talk to my boss and make sure our shifts don’t clash with childcare.
How cool?!

Pages doc or Numbers spreadsheet?

Sorry! Numbers spreadsheet!

Hi Richard,

You could append to a csv text file which can be imported into Numbers. The gotcha with this is that Numbers will create a new file, meaning you couldn’t keep any formatting. The original csv will remain in recents and would remain easily accessible.

Further actions could probably be taken with a Mac running a script when the file appears if that option is available to you. That would move you away from Workflow for the final steps but Workflow would still remain the trigger.

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Here are 3 options:

  1. Use IFTTT and Google Sheets instead

  2. Use Microsoft Flow and Excel

  3. Wait for iOS Siri Shortcuts and hope (or check with a beta tester) whether there are hooks into iWork.

A fourth would be to do it in Applescript on the Mac, but I believe you wanted an iOS solution.

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