Drive to work random podcast

I have a shortcut that when I leave for work, it will get me directions on Waze then start a podcast that is always the same one.
My question is can I have it pick a random podcast that I haven’t listened to yet?
Is that possible? And if so how do i do it?

Are you using the Apple Podcasts app? I know you can do that with the Pocketcasts app using their URL scheme, but don’t know about the Apple Podcasts app.

Depends on your pod catcher, I suppose. I use Overcast and it doesn’t have a random function that I’ve found, but I want it to play my “tech” podcast list, and that action either resumes the current podcast or plays the first one in that playlist.

Since this is exactly what I want to have happen, I’ve not looked further.

I use the Apple podcast app. And when I say random I mean random of the podcasts I listen too, not podcasts I never heard of before.

Yeah, i figured that. Unless the app exposes a random function you’d have to do something like get the list of all podcasts and then pick a random item from the list. If the app allows that.

Ok thanks. Why do you prefer overcast? Sometimes I think Apple podcast is a pain.

I like the smart speed, the voice boost, and it’s speed setting. I like how it work and how it looks. Asa for sghoirtcuts, it has way more than I need, so that is also good.

So far, Smart Speed has saved me 1081 hours (that is just the taking out long pauses feature, has nothing to do with speeding up the podcast, though I do that too.)

I have to check it out