Drafts to Ulysses, with special markdown (eg: ++foo++) preserved?

Ulysses has special Markdown tags such as

++This would be a line comment.++

%% This would be a block comment,
%% that can span multiple lines.

If write that in Drafts, and then export it to Ulysses with the included action, it gets put into Ulysses like this:

\++This would be a line comment.\++

\%% This would be a block comment,
\%% that can span multiple lines.

Those tags are escaped/added by Ulysses, not Drafts. You can see this for yourself by copying {{[[draft]]}} to clipboard and decoding it… there aren’t any escape slashes.

Is there a way to get Ulysses to recognize these special markdown tags and render them appropriately? Either during the Drafts to Ulysses export, or as a separate scripting action in Ulysses (if that’s even possible)?


Ulysses escapes everything it imports - this is something Agile Tortoise has already raised with their developers but unfortunately it hasn’t been resolved yet.

That was a quick one, thanks! Glad to know it’s a known “problem,” hopefully they address it at some point.

I had an idea that maybe I could use the insert API call with format=text to append these comment blocks (for me it’s just metadata pulled from the Drafts metadata) as plain text thinking it wouldn’t escape them but alas that doesn’t work.