Drafts and purple text

Sometimes, after running a Drafts Action, I would notice that all my text in my drafts turn purple. This is regardless of whether it was just normal text, markdown links or task list.

I just want to know whether this is something I’m doing wrong - I turned on some view option I didn’t know about, or whether this is some bug?

First, I would double check your syntax at the end of the action being run in case it is being changed.

You say it happens sometimes. Is that sometimes when the same thing is done to the same text? If so that would seem like a bug. If not could you also share some sample text and an action so others can test if it is happening for them and investigate further?

There’s been no consistency to when this happens. I’ll try to see if I can recreate it reliably and post it here.

What semantic is “purple”? I’m wondering if the draft got, ahem, adjusted :slight_smile: by the action.