Dosing Reminders

One of my parents is on Warfarin. For those not familiar with the drug, it is one where the dosing constantly changes based on test results. The longest my parent has gone is 3 weeks between tests and the shortest 3 days depending on a variety of factors.

I use reminders for tracking medications because she can update that she has taken them on her phone and I can see it wherever I am. Very handy. The pain was having to set up individual reminders for this medication due to the constantly changing doses. This reminder is nothing fancy, but it will let me use a shorthand to enter the doses by day and also set the a calendar reminder for the next time she needs to go in for a lab test.

Don’t know if anyone else is wrestling with a similar situation, and trust me this is not pretty, but it works very well for getting 1-2 weeks of reminders entered quickly.

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