Does anyone have any insight into how to get workout data into Day One

I would really like to track and record my workout data gathered from my Apple Watch and put it into Day One on a daily basis.

I’m wondering if anybody has the same desire and maybe done any of your shortcut magic to make that happen?

I recently created a shortcut to do this. The key piece is the “Get Workouts from Health” action from Toolbox Pro. You could either get all workouts for a day, or to get the latest workout, I specify “Latest First” and “Limit 1”. I also use a “Get first item from list” on the result to get the actual workout. From there you can access specific properties as Smart Variables.

I tried setting this up to run automatically when I complete a workout, but it would pop up an error about accessing health data on the watch. Runs fine on the phone. I’ll see if adding a “Continue in Shortcuts App” action at the top helps.


Thanks man. I’ll check it out.