Documentation available in GitHub for PR’s?

I’ve noticed a couple of typos and would be happy to send PR’s to fix them. I’d also be able to run my Markdown linter against the files and PR any meaningful issues it might find.

I really appreciate that you want to help. Unfortunately, I cannot really put the documentation on GitHub to support PRs. The documentation is generated from the source code of the app so it would require that I open source the entire app. I do not currently have any plans to do so.

I do have on my todo to read through the documentation. I admit that I’ve made some typos in there that should definitely be fixed.

The documentation site seems to have been generated from Markdown input. If you decide you are comfortable sharing the intermediate Markdown files (either publicly or privately), please let me know. I can provide feedback on those and you can apply those changes to your private source code.

Or not - it’s your project. :slight_smile: This just seemed like a possible opportunity to help out. Thanks for all the hard work!

Sharing the markdown files might work. I’ll need to find a good way to get the changes back into my source code though — either manually by diffing or with an automated approach.

I might hold you up on the offer but I’ll think about how I can do it :blush:

Again, I really appreciate that you want to help.

Consider me another volunteer for wordsmithing.

@simonbs I think you should view this in two categories:

  1. Fixing typos etc.
  2. Telling you eg where the documentation falls short.

Hoping this is helpful.

It’s occurred to me this could be tied to the beta cycle in some way, though I don’t know of a mechanism for this.