Display list of “functions”

I realize this is an edge use case, but I’m sharing in case anyone else might find this useful.

As I begin to create more Shortcuts to be used as “functions”, I’ve found the need to produce a report that shows me all Shortcuts being used in this way. It’s easy to lose visibility.

shortcuts as functions

A shortcut that is run from within another shortcut. Intended to mimic the notion of a function running a single task. Simplifies the main shortcut by reducing the clutter of many actions.

It becomes especially problematic if you change the name of a Shortcut that is being used as a function. When the Shortcut’s name is changed, the side effect is its reference is deleted from within the calling Shortcut.

The Shortcut provides 2 reporting options:

  • Shortcuts with Functions > produces list of Shortcuts that include functions and each of the functions invoked by the listed Shortcut
  • Functions > produces list of all functions and each of the Shortcuts that invoke the listed function

Ironically, this Shortcut uses 2 functions…

Shortcuts Functions
Create Dictionary from Data Pairs function
Display Dictionary from Data Pairs function

Maybe useful for somebody else. It is for me… – jay