Disappointing limitation to Quick Note feature (AppleScript content)

The new Quick Note feature allows quick and easy ‘clipping’ of web content (or any text) to a new note, including quoted text. However, unless I’ve missed something (always possible), there appears to be no way to access the quoted text via AppleScript, thus severely limiting the usefulness of this feature with regard to making Notes part of a more sophisticated workflow.

AppleScript provides a ‘body’ field for each note. However, this seemingly only contains the HTML tag for the link, not the text that is clipped when creating the Quick Note (and which appears as a quotation when viewed in Notes itself).

Of course, it’s not surprising that AppleScript integration is low on the list of priorities but it’s disappointing nevertheless.

The one killer feature that stock mac apps have over third-party ones is this: reliable background sync. I was hoping that I could use Quick Note for clipping content from web pages on my iOS and iPadOS devices and then import them to DEVONthink from Notes via AppleScript. Maybe one day…