Difficulties with "Send email" function

I’m trying to create a simple shortcut to take dictation, pass the dictation to the “send email” function, and send the text as an email with a preconfigured subject to a preconfigured destination. I want to be able to use it with Siri in situations where I’m not able to tap on my phone, so I want to disable the “show compose sheet” option.

Here’s the problem - I have multiple email accounts. When I disable “show compose sheet” it always defaults to my gmail account, won’t let me select another account, and I get the error “Unable to authenticate with the current session’s credential”.

Not sure if this error has something to do with 2-factor authentication on my google account, but I can’t change which account it’s using to find out. I changed my default email account for the phone, but this shortcut continues to go back to the gmail account, even after deleting and recreating the shortcut.

If I enable “show compose sheet” and manually send the email that appears, without modifying anything in the header or email body, it sends without error.

I couldn’t find anywhere on the phone to add an app password from google specifically for Shortcuts, in case that’s the problem. I’m kind of stuck here - any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

Just in case anyone’s interested… I know Siri can take email dictation automatically, but it’s such a pain to go through its menu of which email to send it to, and the subject… trying to simplify that process for simple notes that I want sent to my own email inbox.

Figured it out - putting the answer here in the hope that it will help others.

Short answer: seems like Google with 2-factor authentication rejects Shortcuts.

Longer answer / background: I tried creating a separate app password on google for shortcuts to log into my google account to send email, and got a different error message, which basically said that the app I was trying to use was not approved by Google for app passwords…

I ultimately got it to work via a workaround, where I authorized Shortcuts to send from my iCloud email address, and now it all works fine.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle last year about the security policy changes. Here’s the announcement from Google:

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