Devonthink Journal


I am big on genealogy and I am getting ready for a New Years resolution to keep a Journal for next year to add to my Family tree.

While there are some nice commercial packages around being a true son of a Scotsman :wink: I want to do the project for no cost apart from time…

Taking advantage of Devonthink which I already own I have adapted a Script that has been floating around the forums for number of years.

I have tweaked it to include

  • Calendar events (Australian Holidays and Birthdays in my case)
  • Quote of the Day
  • World News headlines
  • Local News Headlines
  • Weather Conditions at the time of making the entry

There are a few helpers you need to install plus an API from Instructions for these and Variables are listed at the top of the code.

I have also setup IFTTT to capture all Social Media posts which I will add in manually

I am sure to be tweaking this further so please visit GitHub to check for a later version.