DEVONthink deep dive?

I’m on holidays now and something I wanted to do was to finally sit down and give DEVONthink a shot. I’ve opened it and it’s just so overwhelming. Could anyone point me to some tutorials (videos or text, but text preferred) that really get into the nitty gritty of DT and best practices? I’ve searched but couldn’t find too many, and trying to tell if it’s written for DT2 or DT3 is a bit difficult.

Alternatively, if you’ve tips/advice/suggestions I’m up for reading them too!

PS: I really like how the free trial hours countdown only when the app is being used. I think I’ve started the trial officially when DT3 was released and still have time. Good job on them :+1:

There is a free book…


There was recently a two-part series on ScreenCastsOnline:

SCO is a paid service, but there’s a free trial that gives you access to all of the content for a week.