Deeplinking into Reminders Smart Folders

Is there a way via URL Scheme to link into the iOS 13+ Reminders Smart Folders from a Shortcut?

I’m specifically interested in creating a Shortcut to open the Today screen.

I also have some of these folders hidden in the app, so it would be nice to open them that way.

Sorry but I dont think there isn’t a built in action that can do that. One may show up in the gallery of suggested actions, but Ive not noticed one before.
As an alternative you could build a Shortcut that uses Find Reminders and adds anything that fits the today criteria in a list, then use choose from list, to display a list of the today reminders.

Something like this :

Sorry the shortcut linked may not be quite a today view and is a little bit more complex, but may give you ideas. You can view the reminders from the list, but not complete them from there.