Days of the week

Hello again!

I once again need help with Repeat actions. I currently run a few nested shortcuts that log my in-and-out times into a Drafts note where each line looks like this:

04/22/19 Call Time - 06.0
04/22/19 Lunch Out - 12.0 with 0 mps
04/22/19 Lunch In - 13.0
04/22/19 Wrap Out - 19.1 with 1 mps

04/23/19 Call Time - 08.5
04/23/19 Lunch Out - 14.7 with 2 mps
04/23/19 Lunch In - 15.7
04/23/19 Wrap Out - 21.1 with 0 mps

What I made is another shortcut so on Friday when I log Lunch In (it’s own Shortcut) it gets the contents of the note and matches text using a regular expression looking for this week’s in-and-out times so I can combine and send it to my assistant in an iMessage. This is working well but its really clunkily built.

I am getting each day of the week by literally repeating date>adjust date (-x days>formate date (dd)>set variable over and over again.

How do I get today’s date and use the repeat action to generate a list of the days of the week? I want to clean up my shortcut and drastically reduce the number of actions. I really struggle with enumeration in Shortcuts!

Thanks so much!

Something like this maybe?

Just tweak the first actions as per the comments and the date format to meet your requirements. The output is a list of a week of days/dates.

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Do you mean something like this?

Get all days of week

This creates a list of dates of the current week

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Yes, that works exactly like I need! Thank you again sylumer. I see adjusting the date as Add Repeat Index Days is where I was going wrong.