Dark sky app help

How can I get Siri to read me the dark sky weather or any weather app ?

In the current Shortcuts beta you can get the weather from the built in Weather app. Until that arrives you can use any donated actions available. The Dark Sky app does donate to Siri according to their App Store updates, so I would suggest you visit the app, poke around a bit (usually apps have something in settings to allow you to add to Siri) and see what you can find :slight_smile:

Carrot offers special actions for Shortcuts where it can copy to your clipboard allowing you to get the data and manipulate it however you want.

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Thanks. I was looking for it to read me the weather as a workflow in the morning.

@RosemaryOrchard I may not have explained it right. I’m looking for a workflow.

I would like the weather read to me in a morning routine workflow, i use dark sky but I guess that don’t do it yet. I heard carrot will work in a workflow does anyone know if that’s true? Would dark sky api work for this?

And what does 1,000 calls a day for dark sky API or something like that it said on dark sky’s website.

What @RosemaryOrchard was saying is that Carrot uses the DarkSky API by default. And, with it’s latest update, you can go into the Carrot’s settings, record some phrases they have preset for their “Data Points”, and then those data points become available to you for use in a Workflow/Shortcut without using the Carrot interface.

Each one of these phrases you record will become available as a data point in the Shortcuts app. Then, from this point, grab the data you want, send it to the clipboard and start processing. So, if you want to string together multiple data points, you can certainly do so. It’s a “round-about” way to do this, I know, but it may get better in the future.

To get Siri to speak to you, you have two options:

  1. Instead of the Quick Look (did that for testing) put in a Result command. Then, when you call this Shortcut by way of a voice command, Siri will automatically read the Result to you.
  2. Replace the Quick Look action with a Speak Text action.

If you really want to dig into the API though, please let us know if you have issues. The 1,000 calls a day means that you can call their API 1,000 times in a day without charge. If you exceed that, they will halt your key until the next day rolls over or you pay. Basically, you can run your shortcut 1,000 times in a 24 hour period. Make sense?

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@fischgeek thanks for the help it worked. I thought I was going to have to buy carrot but I don’t have to. Thanks for explaining 1,000 calls a day.

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