Daily Notes Automation (Omnifocus, Fantastical, Carrot Weather, Streacks, Health → Drafts/Obsidian)

Hi Gang,
I would like to merge information from different apps (Omnifocus, Fantastical, Carrot Weather, Streacks, Health) into a Markdown formatted Daily Notes text (Drafts/Obsidian) in one shortcut.

This works quite well, here is my shortcode so far: Shortcuts

Among other things, I retrieve the due and overdue tasks from Omnifocus and today’s schedule from Fantastical.

Problem: I would like to have more than just the object info. For the tasks, I would like to have.
“Task title 1 - [[OmnifocusURL1]]
Task title 2 - [[OmnifocusURL2]]

in my file. But I can’t manage that, I always get:
“Task title 1
Task title 2

Does anyone know how I can get multiple pieces of information from one variable in a row?

I’m sure you can google the solution quickly with the right terms - but I can’t find the right search terms.

Thanks a lot!

Here’s a quick example that combines two separate lists into one output, matching the elements in order.



Thank you very much! Now it works!

If someone likes the idea:


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