Culling Shortcuts

I am looking for a way to create a Shortcut that would generate a list of Shortcuts that hadn’t been used within the last six months or so? I would like to cull my 542 Shortcuts somehow.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

Shortcuts does not log when you last ran them, so unless you have added something to each shortcut to log it’s use, there is no data to work with.

I had about 1200 (maybe more) shortcuts a few years back. I used BART to back them all up, deleted them all and then have restored the ones I wanted as I needed them.

Definitely an extreme approach, but it was guaranteed to give me a clean start without losing anything.

Hope that helps.

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Yes. A bit extreme, but I’ll take a look at BART. Many thanks.

Going off the spirit of the title of the topic, what I’ve done is to create a couple of “Production” and “Development” folders in the Shortcuts app. I’m moving shortcuts into Production, as appropriate.

One day I’ll delete what remains - but I’m very wary of doing so.

(Before Folders I reserved one colour for Production.)

This metadata - if it ever were recorded - would be really handy.

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Yes. I’ve created a lot of folders, including a ‘Dump’ folder. I put all my Shortcuts in the Dump folder and then moved the ones I knew I wanted to keep to the appropriate folder, but I’ve still got a large number left in the Dump, but I’m afraid to trash them as there might be some Shortcuts depending on others.


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I have the same fear.