Creating Linked Reminders

I’ve been using the ability for Siri to “add this to reminders” in the OneNote app, that makes a linked reminder. Does anyone know how these linked reminders work/are made? I’m assuming some kind of URL scheme. Id like to use this type of linked reminder in shortcuts (or scriptable).

I think that might be a special Siri “thing” where it can hook “this” into things. I’ve seen the question asked on how to build this before (it came up around Workflow quite a few times), but I’ve not yet seen an alternative that does just this. I suspect it uses URL schemes behind the scenes for at least some, but I’ve seen examples where I’m not convinced there has always been a URL scheme at work … or at least not “known” ones.

There are other options though that may align to what you are thinking.

  • Scriptable, you mention above, and will let you create actionable notifications based on URL schemes, programmatically.
  • Due can similarly provide this approach from a more manual perspective.
  • Launch Center Pro effectively does this for it’s own scheduled/location aware notifications.

Not exactly the same, but perhaps close enough?


I’ll give it a try.

Basically what I’m trying to do with it is to be able to incorporate these document links elsewhere, and find a way to make them without the verbal command (and look like a crazy person on the train).

Ah, in that case, another thing to consider then is the option below. I have it set for exactly that sort of reason.

Trigger by voice command still works as usual. It’s just the trigger by press and hold that uses the types entry.

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Oh, other way around, me talking to Siri. I rarely turn on the audio on my phone. It’s weird it isn’t a sharesheet option.

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