Creating an automation in an app that's not listed when you search in Shortcuts

Hello! Is it possible to create an automation for a specific menu item to be chosen within an app if that app doesn’t come up when you search for it?

For example, I have an app that enables me to remote start my car. I was interested in making an automation that launched the app and started the car (typically requires a few menu taps to get to the part of the app where I choose “start”.

Is this possible to do with an automation that I could add to my home screen?

Typically not if it isn’t touted by the develoer. The app developer needs to provide some sort of interface that can be leveraged using automation techniques. This could be via Siri intents or URL schemes for example. The former is obviously becoming more common all the time.

If you can specify the app, it may be that someone on the forum knows some of the specifics about the app you are referring to and can give you a soecific/definitive answer for your scenario.


Thanks for the advice! The app is “Volvo On Call”. Here’s the link to it in the App Store: [Volvo on Call app](http://Volvo On Call by Volvo Car Corporation).