Creating a task in Things, or Omnifocus from an email

Hi All. Is there a way to set a due date and reminder automatically for an email that has been forwarded to the mail drop of things/omnifocus?

I know the mail drop for OmniFocus doesn’t yet support adding anything other than a raw task, however depending on your mail client you can probably add things using the URL scheme and set extra parameters then.

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Thanks Rose. I use Airmail on iOS and on MacOS. I was wondering whetherit was possible to do this while auto-forwarding the email via a rule in email… Maybe not!

I use Spark and Things 3 and the options in the built-in integration are limited. You can send to the Inbox and choose a deadline from the app but I wish I could create workflows like in Airmail (though they do not run automatically). Things also has a Zapier Integration but it also does not have a lot of choices for the paramters.
Maybe like Rose suggested using the URL scheme and Workflow could help?

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