Creating a spreadsheet of AppleCard transactions

So I’ve just gone through the palarva of generating a spreadsheet of all of my AppleCard transactions for the last 4 years. Unbelievably Apple/Goldman only allow you to export a single month at a time, so that meant that I had to use the Wallet app on my iPhone, then from the AppleCard screen, click into card balance, scroll down to the month I wanted, select it, then choose Export Transactions, select CSV, wait, hit the share sheet, select Copy, then swipe the Numbers and paste below my existing data, rinse and repeat 48 times.

Every other bank/card account I have allows me to set a date range and get everything in a single transaction. Granted some limit me to the last 2 years, so Apple is better by allowing access to all of my history, but it just seems really cumbersome.

There would probably be a way to do this with a shortcut from after the Export Transactions step, by appending the data to a designated Numbers sheet (and you’d probably be able to omit the header row when doing that), but I figured that the time I’d spend figuring that out would be longer than it would take me to crunch through it manually.

My only gripe now is that I’m waiting for the Numbers sheet on my iPhone to sync with iCloud on my Mac - seems like I always have delays in this occurring. Last weekend I even logged out of my iCloud account on my Mac and then back in again to see if I could get things to behave better, but apparently not. It just shows as Blank 4 with its creation date, rather than AppleCard Transactions which I renamed it to once all the data was there 20 mins later. Now it’s another 20 mins after that and I’m still waiting for it to sync.

Anyway, just a little rant whilst I wait.

OK, naturally as soon as I ranted and sorted the spreadsheet on my iPhone it suddenly opened on my Mac. Grrrr

Anyway, just done some fiddling and I think I have a shortcut that can speed things up.

You have to set the Shortcut to be able to appear in the ShareSheet.

This copies the header row in as well, which is an easy enough edit, but if I can figure out how to skip that first row then all the better.