Create new dictionary in Data Jar

If this is a duplicate question, I apologize. I couldn’t find anything on the topic. I’m trying to add a dictionary to an existing DJ dictionary. For example: I have a dictionary called “clients”. I want to add a new dictionary under that “ client” to hold specific content for that new client. Currently, I have to open Data Jar and create the new client manually. I was hoping for a way to automate this process from a text file.

I think I just figured it out. Lol, figures. As soon as I ask it comes to me.

If you post what you figured out, anyone else who has this question and finds this thread will also find the answer they were looking for. :nerd_face:

Keen to know as well!

Yes, it turned out to be easier than I thought, but I wanted to make sure it worked the way I intended before posting my solution. :wink: In my case, I actually needed a dictionary, within a dictionary which made it a little more confusing on my part.

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