Create a workflow to add a DEVONThink note into Things3 and back . .

Article to DEVONthink and note link into Things3 -> then put Things task link back into the note

I’m a little stuck trying to make this workflow for my setup.
There are similar workflows available for OmniFocus and Bear but I’d like to try and automate a setup for use with Things3 and DEVONthink.

Might it be possible to create a workflow that could add an article or copied text into DEVONthink and immediately create a task in Things3 from this DEVONthink note which includes the note link? Then once the task is created could I add this task’s URL back into the DEVONthink note?

Federico Viticci shared workflows in the Macstories weekly newsletter (issue 119).
It’s called: Saving Multiple Files in DEVONthink (with Things Integration).
You can also find it in the Workflow essentials section of club macstories.
Hope this helps!

Cool - thank you - I’ll take a look there.