Create a new Omnifocus folder from Shortcuts

Hi all!

I think the answer to this question is no, but just in case: is it possible to create a folder in Omnifocus using a Shortcuts action (or, maybe, some other way that I can link to from a Shortcuts action)?

The use case is that I am updating my travel workflows and was going to have a folder in OF with a few separate projects that relate to the one trip. I was trying to use the “Add Taskpaper to Omnifocus” action to do this.

I had thought that perhaps if I just tried to “Add To Folder” and specify a new folder name, it might be created, but alas it doesn’t seem to be the case—my projects are landing in the inbox.

Thanks in advance!

What is an Omnifocus folder?

I think you might mean a different term - such as a project. Which is why I ask the question.

No, I mean a folder—one that contains projects. Ideally I want to have a folder containing three related projects (which I can do; I just can’t see a way to create the folder with Shortcuts).

If I can’t do this (and I think I may not be able to) I will either just manually create the folder before generating the projects with Shortcuts, or collapse the three projects into one project as three parallel action groups instead.

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I’m not an Omnifocus user myself so I can’t try it out, but perhaps the technique in this article would be useful?

It doesn’t say if when specifying the target folder if it would create one if it didn’t exist; but I imagine it would be pretty quick to try out if you hadn’t looked into that already.

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Sadly, no, it’s just the same—i.e. lands in the inbox if the folder doesn’t exist. But thanks anyway, I hadn’t thought to try the callback URL directly. It was worth a shot!