Create a Daily Apple Note Based on Time Trigger

Hello, All!

I’m trying to create a daily apple note based on a time trigger. For example, at 6am each day, I have a time based automation in the Shortcuts app run to run a separate shortcut to create a daily note. When it successfully runs, I have it show me a notification.

It runs successfully when run manually, but it will not run at 6am daily.

Thoughts, pointers, links?

Many thanks,


This is a limitation of Shortcuts Automations, things which happen passively (connecting to WiFi/Bluetooth, arriving/leaving a location, and yes time) need confirmation. If you tie it into stopping your alarm then it will happen entirely automatically - presuming you stop your alarm once a day that is.

Thanks Rosemary!

Fascinating…so, if I “check”, i.e. switch to green “Show while running” will that give me the confirmation? At this point, I’m not even getting that.



You should be getting a notification at 6am to run the Shortcut.

I would have thought so as well. I’ll keep fiddling around with it.

I had a similar issue. I have an automation to create a new daily journal note when my morning alarm goes off. The original automation action called the another shortcut; it did not work. When I had the automation create the new note, it worked every time.