Counting back from a changeable date shortcut

Hey guys,

I am looking for help making a shortcut.

All I want to do is to be asked to input a date in the future and then the short cut works out what the date was 180 days before the inputted date.

Could anybody help me with this?

Many thanks


In its simplest and most basic form:

180 Days

The Adjust Date action asks for the date (which allows today, tomorrow, monday etc or a date to be entered) each time it is run. The Quick Look is the most basic output, which could be replaced by a Show Result.

The format of the date is selected by tapping the Adjusted Date in the Quick Look action.

Hope this helps.

That is perfect.

Thanks Tony

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There are a couple other approaches — one uses a date-picker, the other will take text, so you can just use “today” (the default below) or “tomorrow” or “Tuesday,” and so on.