Convert single character to icon PNG on iOS

Does anyone have a workflow to convert a single character to a png with the character centered and a transparent background for use as an icon? All on iOS.


I’ve not had need to create one, but if I did, I’d probably be looking at a web service to generate the image for me. A quick Google yielded this free text to image service that might do the trick.

The Workflow app will support building out API calls using keys like this one seems to use (i.e. no OAuth, etc.) so would probably be a suitable fit.

Obviously totally speculative, but the service does take text and can transfor to PNG on a transparent background. If Workflow can then get the image back you can resize it accordingly to your needs and go from there - e.g. overlay onto a standard ion background, save to camera roll or file storage, …

Hope that helps.

Thanks - would rather do it on the device. I’ll look into options with Pythonista.