Combined tham together

I need to creat shortcut that
I will give her url of video in you tube
She wil do wate you thing and how to do it
She could downloading the movie or not
Thaen she take fram of the movie every 5 second
Than she take all the fram from the movie and together tham to pdf
If the movie is 1 minutes she will creat than 12 pdf and combined tham together

Thnk you very much
I love you and your help

Whilst there are shortcuts out there to grab YouTube videos (which would be your obvious starting point), if you have a look through the list of available video actions in Shortcuts, you won’t see any for grabbing video frames or as far as I can tell to even convert the video to a GIF.

Assuming I’ve not missed something this means you would have to upload the downloaded video to some other service to do the frame splitting.

Once you have the required images, you can use the Make PDF action in Shortcuts to compile a PDF