Combine Screenshots Issue

So the Shortcut does what it says on the box but it does it in the wrong order.

It always shows the newest screenshot on top. But I want them in the order I’ve taken them.

Now if I change the order from Latest to Oldest first that solves the problem BUT it also reversed the order of the photos in the photo album meaning I have to scroll through ALL my photos to get to the latest images. Which is less than ideal.

I thought “Get Latest Screenshots” would do it but you can’t set that to “Ask every time” it only accepts hard coded numbers.

Suggestions anyone?

Can you Sort by Date AND Time?

It only allows Date OR Time not both and either of the options results in the same problem of the photos being displayed in the picker sorted oldest first.

Maybe this shortcut will give you some ideas?

  • I’ve shown one way to tell the screenshot getter to get a run time number of screenshots. I did it this way so that I could also show you a way to set a logical default number that you can tailor to your own needs.
  • I’ve shown how you can use the creation date to sort (it’s really creation date time) a set of previously selected images.

Now you can ask for Input on screenshot selection, and you can just grab screenshots in one fell swoop using find photos, some filters, sorting but then you have to process the resulting list to create a new list of the length you want. But I figured the methods here would help you understand how that could break down, and if you want to process a list just think of a repeat loop and building a new list to work with for the combining step.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, that does solve the problem. It’s just a shame Apple have overlooked it when they designed the Photos action.