Combine Pages documents into a single Word doc?

Hi all,

Is it possible to take a folder of individual Pages documents and combine them all into a single Word document using a Shortcut or script of some kind?

Potentially, yes, but I have to ask. Is it critical they should end up as a Word document rather than say a PDF?

Also, what order should they be combined in?

It does have to be word because it’s going to a publisher and that’s the format they need the final file in. I don’t think order matters, though I’d probably say whatever order they’re listed in within the folder is the order they should appear in the doc.

To me, the best approach would be to open all the Pages files and export them to Word format. Then use Word’s Insert File command repeatedly to concatenate all the Word files you just created. Both of these can be done in AppleScript. Probably best to do this as two separate scripts, at least until you get each one debugged.