Clearing web cookies and history

Hello everyone,

I have developed a shortcut to clear safari cookies and history , the problem when i run it .
It prompt me to click on the screen each time , i wanted to be automated ,less hand touching,
is there a way to override this by using assistive touch or we scripting ?

see link


You might want to change your link to a standard Shortcuts web link. I got asked to login to Box when I followed your link.

yes ,I think you may need to download the video , so you can see what Im talking about .


@sylumer It’s a simple Settings URL shortcut to the “Clear History and Website Data” button in Settings. (It took a few steps for me to watch the video; my adblocker did not like the redirect through TinyURL. OP should have uploaded the video to Streamable or something like that.) iCloud link: Shortcuts

@rachidsi As for your post: the only way to do UI scripting with Shortcuts in any way is to use Voice Control with Speak Text. This involves:

  • turning your phone’s speaker volume up,
  • turning on Voice Control,
  • speaking the Voice Control commands using the Speak Text action, and
  • turning off Voice Control.

That process is annoying and unreliable, since you’re relying on the phone’s mic being able to hear the speakers clearly. It’s more convenient to just tap that red button manually with what you already have set up.

Man , i appreciate the time you took to get me this.
I have followed your instructions and you are right some times it works sometimes it doesn’t with the voice command.

Thanks again!!

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After extensive work, i found out that there scriptable or phytonista app in ios are capable of writing custom shortcut.

So, knowing this will take time, i would like to hire someone who is good at Javascripting.
I would like to pay $50/hour for this project. with minimum 4 hours.

Any knowledgeable developers are welcome to bid.


They can write code that are not Shortcuts shortcuts, but I don’t see it being able do what you want as described as it is a lower level of access with Apple’s Safari app. Do you know for sure thee apps can do this? If so can you link to the source information?

I don’t think it is against forum rules or anything, but do note this is not a job or market site. People tend to volunteer knowledge here, and I would imagine that @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard could clarify on if bidding for work on the forum is going to be a permissible use.


Ive seen applications already integrated with iOS like pythonista,
xcallbabck url … these require someone who is knowlegeable with JS programming .
And i was willing to compensate for the time it will take to achieve this.
if paying to compensate for time is againt this website policy, then i totally unserstand…