Changing iOS settings (e.g. Mobile data on/off)

Hi folks,

When I travel outside of the EU, my mobile phone provider charges me a fortune for data. I leave roaming and mobile data on for certain apps that I rely on (WhatsApp, Messages) but switch mobile data off for all other apps, so that they don’t drain my miniscule roaming data allowance.

I do this by going to Settings > Mobile Data and then manually switching off each app. When I come home, I go back in and manually switch them back on. I have a lot of apps. This is a tedious task that’s crying out for automation.

In Shortcuts, I can set all of Mobile Data either on or off, but not individual apps.

Is there any way to automate this?



Not possible with the current version. I do hope so in the future.

Edit: “with the current version of Shortcuts” i mean. But I don’t know any way to automate either way.