Change a contact’s `ContactsContainer` - possible?

I was using a Nextcloud box as a calendar and contacts server but it died leaving the contacts it served residing on my iPhone only.

I’m keen to move these contacts to iCloud.

From messing with Scriptable, I can identify the ContactsContainer which contains my Nextcloud contacts and that which contains my iCloud contacts. Here’s my question: knowing the Identifier of these containers, can I change the ContactsContainer?

If this is possible, I could maybe automate the transfer of my contacts!

If not, it’s some messy vCard solution for me!

Thanks to anyone who can help!

As I understand it, the contact container by its definition contains contacts and is not a property of a contact; it would be closer to describe it the other way around I think.

Therfore think about gathering the details for the existng contacts, creating new contacts (see the add method where you can specify the container ID) based on those, and finally removing the original contacts. Remember also that you should try and batch process these operations.

Perhaps consider trying the process with a single contact at first, just creating it. Then try the deletion of the original. After that scale up to do it in perhaps two batches. First the creation of your new contacts, then once you are happy it got them all, the deletion of the old ones.

Hope that helps.

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Really helpful, thanks. I’ll get scripting…!

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