Challenge: Centralized Slack Bot in Zapier?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been wanting to simplify my automation and focusing on Zapier for the moment.

I routinely use Slack bots (via Zapier) for pushing data to me or notifying me that something has successfully been run.

My idea is to create a single Zap (the Slack bot, who we shall call Samantha) to receive notifications from other zaps as the trigger.

Here’s a visual as well:

Is it at all possible to have the last step of multiple zaps “push” data to a final zap (Samantha)?

I’m considering a webhook as the connection point but that may not be ideal…

Update: After work I tested if this could be done by having a single Zap (Samantha) be triggered by catching a Web Hook from another Zap (my bots) and that works very well.

What I found interesting/useful is that I can have different variables in the hook being sent (bot_name and message specifically). Then, Samantha, can have different paths depending on what the bot_name equals :nerd_face:

Webhooks are how I’d do it! I’m glad you got it working :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome to hear that I’m on the right track with everything :slightly_smiling_face: