Can't delete photos with Workflow

I have screenshots and photos and such in my photo library that I’d prefer to just offload to a shared folder in iCloud Drive.

I’m trying to create a workflow where:

  • It prompts me to select photos
  • It copies the photos to iCloud Drive
  • It deletes the photos from my photo library.

I created a Workflow that basically reads just like the list above - except the “Delete Photos” action fails silently.

Has anybody had this issue in the past? Any idea where I’m going wrong?

Make sure you use “get variable” and then grab the photos you originally selected. Then it should work.


The workflow below follows your list (and @RosemaryOrchard’s assertion on passing the photos into the delete photos action).

Spoiler ;-) : expand to show screenshot of & link to workflow

If you always want to save to the same location, you can disable the ‘Ask where to save’ option and specify a path.

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Ah, that makes sense. I guess I just assumed that the photos I’d already selected would be passed to the delete function the same way they were passed to the copy function.