Cannot get „find and replace“ to work

The new Runestone- based editor brings a lot of additional features I enjoy a lot. But besides some bugs I come across every now and then what I really cannot get to work at all is the „find and replace“ feature. It marks all found entries and it jumps through them using the up and down arrows. But the „replace“ Button is grayed out tand does nothing. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help,

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I’ve seen the same behavior on the beta as well

Is your current version affected too?

Thanks for confirming…

My current version of scriptable? Yes. Running v1.7(199)

Strange that the App Store version is 1.7.4 yet Scriptable beta shows 1.7(199). @simonbs is this 1.7(199) the latest beta? Seems like it from the history in TestFlight

Same here on TestFlight.

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