Can the contents of a Draft note be inserted into a Shortcut made from Launch Center Pro?

Hi, everyone. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Tools currently used : Drafts, LCP and 2Do


  1. All thoughts go into Draft. I then parse each Draft note to the correct app through Draft Actions.

  2. 2Do is my (current) task manager, and I am trying to create my ideal Draft Action so that Draft information goes straight to the appropriate 2Do list with right start and due dates, tags, etc. To do this I would like to integrate Drafts and LCP, because …

  3. LCP has a fantastic 2Do launcher called “Add Task” that can be programmed to prompt for every 2Do field using clipboard, lists, etc.

My goal: To pass a Draft Note to a Shortcut made from the LCP “Add Task” action, whereby [[title]] gets applied to the 2Do “task” field and [[body]] applies to 2Do’s Note.

Question/challenge: How can the contents of a Draft note become variables of a Siri Shortcut? I’m stumped as to how to pass the information.

Below is my current LCP url. Any suggestions?


twodo://x-callback-url/add?task=[prompt:Task]&note=[prompt:Note?]&type=[list:Type?|Task=0|Project =1|Checklist=2]&forList=[list:List?|Inbox|PM System Organizer|Cognitive|Emotional |Physical|Husband|Father|Son|Friend to Others|Accountant|Financial Planner|Owner of Things|Apple Fan|Automator|Golf|Productivity|Self Defense |WCS-Business Owner|WCS-Add to Pipedrive|Communications Student|Sawgrass Strategic Planning Committee]&priority=[list:Priority?|None=0|Low=1|Medium =2|High=3]&starred=[list:Started?|No=0|Yes=1]&tags=[list:Tags?||Agenda|Amazon|Call|Errand|Groceries|iBooks|Kindle|Pay|Podcast |Purchase|Routine|Waiting|Someday|Weekly Plan]&due=[prompt:Due Date]&dueTime=[prompt:Due Time]&start=[prompt:Start Date]&repeat=[list:Repeat?|None=0|Daily=1|Weekly=2|Bi-Weekly=3|Monthly=4]

The documentation on using the Shortcuts action step is your best starting point. Make sure you read about [template tags]( . html) too.

It may be worth considering building the prompts and URL callback to 2do in Drafts. This would be more efficient and less convoluted overall, and there are already several 2do actions in the Action Directory and one notable topic in the Drafts forum.

Hope that helps.