Can someone give me the exec. summary of HomeKit?

I have a handful of IoT devices, including several Wemo switches. In addition to being able to manipulate them in the Wemo app, I also see those switches in the Home app on my iPhone.

Is HomeKit more or less a central place to see and manipulate all of these devices (at least the HomeKit compatible ones)? And then once something is in the Home app you can add scenes & use Shortcuts?

Or is there more I’m missing? Thanks!

p.s. Follow-up question: what’s the deal with these different bridges and HOOBS? Are these a way to make things work with HomeKit that wouldn’t natively?

You can also use devices and scenes in automations. That and Siri support are the main advantages for me – I don’t like bossing people around but I make an exception for Siri.

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