Can Siri put pauses between calendar events?

I’ve been working on a morning routine that would have Siri read me my calendar for the day. It mostly works, but Siri smashes all my appointments together as if it’s one long word, which makes it impossible to understand.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to have her pause between calendar events.

This is what I have so far.

What you’re looking to do is iterate through all of the calendar events and add in a separator such as ", and " Here is an edit of your shortcut here to illustrate.

Thank you @ahmed.adan - this gets me closer. I’m still learning how this works and Siri does pause with the comma, but it jams the and to the next word (example andnextcalendar event). I tried adding a space or another comma, but it didn’t seem to work.

Try adding in a line break and using that in your separator something like this:

Sylumer has the right idea! That should fix it up for you.

This worked. I could have sworn I tried adding spaces and it didn’t work. Thank you!

This is what I was able to create. Every now and the Siri will say “Right double quotation marks” and show a " at the end of reading the events. Not sure why though.

Best thing to do is when that happens is to have a reduced custom shortcut that duplicates your final calendar section but also allows you to step through your events - quick look is your friend. There’s nothing in the shortcut that I can see that would introduce a double quote, so I figure that it must be coming from your calendar entries.

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