Can I use Scriptable to change calendar colors (and persist them)?

Some time ago I wrote an iOS App to change the colors of my calendars. Nothing fancy; the App does not even have a GUI. It iterates over a list of hard coded (…) calendars and sets the color for each calendar (hex string). I have to change the source, recompile, reinstall, and run the App whenever I create a new calendar (I have quite a few)… Quite cumbersome!

This would be much easier in a Scriptable script. I know how to get all calendars and how to read (/write?) the color, but I don’t know how to persist my changes (if that’s possible at all).

(How) Can I update the color property of a Calendar object and persist that?

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Next version of Scriptable will introduce to persist changes made to the title and color.


Works as advertised! :slight_smile:


@simonbs Did this functionality break in Scriptable 1.3.4 (88)?

Looks like calendar changes are no longer saved? :cry:

EDIT: Hm, my native iOS App does not work either; maybe it’s the backend… (FastMail)