Can I trigger a share sheet shortcut with Siri?

So I’ve just created my first iOS shortcut. It takes the address from a card in the contacts app and opens that address in Google maps.

In runs from the contacts share sheet I.e. from Share this contact. First action is ‘Receive contacts info from share sheet’.

My question is how do I activate this using Siri from inside the contacts app? If I just run shortcut with Siri it leaves the specific contact. Can I use Siri to invoke the share sheet and run the shortcut from there?

Or is my basic process wrong?


In the share sheet you are preselecting a contact. If you are using Siri, you are not carrying out any preselection.

Assuming you would like to use a contact you are viewing, try using the “What’s on screen” action to grab the contact. Then if you call that shortcut using Siri, it will prime the rest of the Shortcut with the contact data.

Hope that helps.

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Yes that worked! Thanks. My first shortcut and I’m down the rabbit hole :slightly_smiling_face: