Can I extract Cellular usage data, and notify?

Hi all,

Our family has group cellular data plan. As is typically the case, my kids tend to use a bit too much every month, to the point where I’m paying quite a bit extra in over usage (not enough to bump up to the next tier though). I’d like to automate a notification which would track their cellular data usage, and send them a notification at, say, 50%, 75% and 90% of their usage. I’d like to delegate a portion of the data equally to them and notify accordingly. Any suggestion?

Thanks for your consideration.


Maybe an app is what you need? For example My Data Manager seems to have good app store ratings and looks to have custom notifications.

Thank you for your response. That app would definitely do what I need, but it requires collecting and sending my data to them, and a subscription. I should be able to mimic that functionality with Shortcuts, or some other automated process, eg collecting/tracking cellular data usage. I just can’t find a way to do it.

I’m happy to be proven wrong (it would help me immensely if I was), but the existing automation options on iOS don’t provide the periodic checking that would be required to do what you want. Likewise, parental controls currently gives no option to restrict cellular data utilisation.

One point to note is that your “should” is really a “I would like to”, but this, combined with the above assertion hopefully goes some way to explaining whi I suggested an app to monitor it instead of an automation.

One other option of course is not to seek a fully automated solution. On a daily basis take the devices in and capture the data or have your children send it to you (you might be able to automate that capture a bit even if it is just gathering screenshots and you could make use of repeating reminders to (attempt to) ensure it happens. It all depends on the effort to cost benefit as to whether that makes sense for you… and I suspect you may already do something similar or equivalent.