Calendar-initiated automation stauts?

Hello! I’m looking for solutions for running an automation triggered by a calendar event and I’m just not sure what options there are. I’m primarily using Google Calendar (but I can use icloud if needed), and would prefer a shortcuts-based solution that runs automatically (no need to tap a notification), but I’d be willing to use a web-based service like IFTTT or zapier.

For background: I have a very irregular schedule and I’d like to help myself build routines around circumstances that occur regularly but not usually at the same time. One example: I sometimes get home after work at 3 or 4am and need to sleep around mid-morning. In order to do that, I need white noise, or my children’s noise will wake me up. My husband, however, HATES white noise, so I can’t turn it on until after he’s out of bed (which is usually the same time every day.) Waking up to turn on the machine or tap a notification is counterproductive (I want to stay asleep!) and seems like an excellent use for automation. I already have “sleep” on my calendar. (This happens 2-3 times per month.) I have a Wemo switch. (I could get different hardware if needed.) Surely there’s a way to make this work!

I have a few other similar things I want to do, although they don’t involve home automation/hardware.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

The first form of “automation” that occurred to me is that your husband should turn it on when he get out of bed. :slight_smile:

If he needs a reminder, you could put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror :wink:


IFTTT can search and match against event title keywords (like “sleep”) on a Google calendar, and IFTTT offers connectivity to a Wemo switch (connect it directly via the Wemo mobile app).