Bug? Shortcuts with request for input run twice outside of the app

Here’s the weird behavior:

If you have a shortcut that starts with “Choose from Menu” or asks for input, and you try to run it outside of the Shortcuts app (so, say, from the homescreen) it will do that request once, then open the shortcuts app and do the request again.

I’m seeing this, and I see folks on reddit are seeing this, although people are assuming it has something to do with the external app (Omnifocus, Bear, etc.) that they’re running. But the one common denominator for all of us is having a request for input or Choose from Menu as the first action, and running outside of the Shortcuts app. (Some people mentioned trying to put dummy actions ahead of the request, but they get the same behavior.)

Is anyone else seeing this, and has anyone found a work-around? I fixed it for my laundry timer by just sticking an NFC tag on the washer and running the shortcut off of that instead of the home screen. But for my medication reminder shortcut, it really needs to be on the home screen so it’s as easy as possible to trigger no matter where I am.