Budget workflow

Does anyone use the workflow app to do a budget? Would it be possible or is it a waste?

How would you envisage the Workflow app supporting you in managing and maintaining a budget?

I would imagine most people would use a dedicated app or at least a spreadsheet, and there are obviously quite a number of options out there for that.

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I was thinking for inputting the data in the budget

Okay, and where is the data going to reside?

I’m not sure, maybe spreadsheet

I think if you are still on maybes, you probably need to have a think about exactly what you want to gett out of the solution and what you are prepared and not prepared to use; over and above any off the shelf app solution.

Have a look through the Workflow action options for what services it integrates with (though it can integrate with many web services via API) and also perhaps have a look at some of the Shortcuts app discussions on this forum. Shortcuts will be replacing workflow very shortly and the integration options look like they might well be reduced. For example using IFTTT to bridge to other services has not appeared in the beta … the fate of such functionality is certainly uncertain if not deprecated.

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If you are looking for a great budget software, I highly recommend YNAB (You need a budget).

I believe the new YNAB even has an API!


You are right! I didn’t know that.